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OOC background check

hey everyone, my name is Amanda and i shall be playing Dorien "Dorrie" Mae Leonard...so here's some stuff about her b/c i want to get the ball on the ground and rolling...

June 6,

Well everythings going fine at Hogwarts, it's sad that the next school year shall be my last, but alas, everthing happens for a reason. I spent some time talking to my brother today, he's a really great guy, i feel bad for him sometimes because he's a squib, but other times i don't know what i'd do without him, I mean he's probably the sole reason why my family got detached from the...how shall i put this...pure blood snots. You see there are two secrets in my life, one that my brother, well he's more than just a brother, he's my twin. The other
secret being that I am directly related to the Malfoys, in fact, Draco is my cousin...but they have disowned us, thank God for Bennie(my twin). Because Bennie didn't go to Hogwarts with me all of those years, he found another way to fill up his life, after my first year, he had become a vegitarian and i soon also adopted that lifestyle, after my second year, I came home and his new found faith in God and Jesus Christ blew me away...it was because of him that I have come to this conclusion: there is a God and he loves us all...why there are so many rules and contradictions in the Bible is because there is a depth to God that we, in human form, shall never understand, and that a sin is a sin, and He shall forgive...and that God doesn't care exactly how much we sin or things of that sort, but how we have lived, if we lived in a way that would honor him or shared our faith or something or lived life bursting with love, that's what matters to him....but enough about my faith and enough about my past, i must go think of ways to earn money...
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