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Draco had just finished his shift at Zonko's and began the walk back to Hogwarts expecting nothing more than another summer's evening walk.

Glory saw the dreamy 7th year slytherin walking along the small path. She knew she'd never be good enough for him, but she had to give it a try anyway. "Draco Malfoy?" She said with as much confidence as she could muster. "Is that you?"

"Who wants to know," he asked looking for someone in the shadows, then he saw her, as lovely as ever, Glory Africis.

"Well of course me." Glory smiled at his perfect face and started walking in sync with him. "So where you going?" She asked him, quite curious.

"I just finished my shift," he said, "I'm headed back to the castle, and you?" He said gaining intrest on why she was outside at such an hour by herself.

"I just finished work too." She smiled and wondered why he was being so nice. A firefly buzzed by her and she grinned. "Fireflys are pretty. I can't seem to catch them very well though." Glory wondered if she sounded like a total idiot, but then didn't care.

"Fireflies are hard, but Lightning bugs are my specialty," he said and pointed to a few flying by a nearby tree.

"Oh could you?" Glory asked now obviously excited. She knew he probably had better things to do, but she really would like to get to know him. In her excited state she hugged him and rushed off towards the shimmering bugs.

He looked at her, amazed, she had just hugged him. As his heart melted a little, he ran to join her. "See what you have to do," he said and extended his palm, "is wait for the right moment."

Excited Glory watched his perfect hand there waiting. "I always do this." She smiled and hopped around trying to catch one. She stumbled a bit and fell on Draco. "Oh I'm sorry." She said removing herself from him and blushing. "Didn't mean to fall on you like that."

"No worries," he said. "Here, I'll help you," he said and took her hand and extended it. "Now wait for it," he said and watched a lighning bug slowly land on her hand. He closed it for her. "And there you are."

"Awww." She said and smiled. "Thank you. I really don't care what other people say, you are very sweet." She thought a moment "Hmmm what could I give you in return for the lovely lightingbug?"

"You could tell me what these other people are saying," he said slightly unnerved by her comments to him.

"Oh just that you're mean...but it's not true at all." She said trying to comfort him. Oh poo she'd done it again...said something that she probably should've kept to herself. "Don't mind other people's comments..they're really stupid."

"Who's stupid," he said. "Wait, you work at Swish and Flick," he said and smirked.

"Yeah...I do." Glory said a little nervous. "Is there something wrong with it? I mean...I don't want to work at a place that's weird..."

"Oh, let's just say, I know someone there," he said, "someone that would give you the wrong impression of me."

Glory thought of Dorrie...their talk. "Yeah, but who could get a wrong impression of someone as beautiful as you." She noticed what she had said and blushed..."I mean as hot..."

"Excuse me," he said and laughed. "We'll let it go at that, eh?" "So now we need to figure out a plan of repayment other than the original offer..."

"Hmmmm." Glory said with a smile on her face. She would offer him another hug, but he probably had no interest, and she didn't want to push it. "How about you walk me to my dorm." She laughed knowing that was more of a payment to her. "Or I walk you to your dorm."

"Oh I have a much better proposal," he said and grabbed her hand.

Glory was in heaven. Draco Malfoy just grabbed her and and was leading her somewhere. "Where are we going? Or is it a surprise?"

"Well if it's a place you want, we go somewhere..." he said and smiled at her, "but that isn't at all what I have in mind, Miss Glory..."

She blushed and said as a simple joke, "So we're dancing..." She laughed "I mean what else could happen when you hold my hand?" Trying to sound innocent, but probably not pulling it off very well.

"A dance shall do just fine," he said and did a side step and put his other arm around her waist.

Glory felt his arm slip around her waist and smiled. She put her hand on his shoulder and winked. "Let's make this dance count."

"Oh it most definitly shall," he said and leaned in a little closer, he didn't want another moment to pass before...he leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips.

She felt his warm lips on hers and melted. She returned the kiss and felt herself being pushed up against a tree. The sheer joy she was feeling from this one experience was enough to last her a lifetime.

He didn't want to stop, but he heard something, someone coming along on the path..."Someone's close, he said and made both of them quickly dissapear behind the tree.

Glory peeked and saw a professor. "That's professor Snape." She said very quietly. "Let's go somewhere that we can be alone." She smiled a devious smile and lightly kissed him on the cheek.

"You up for a bit of adventure," he said and smiled at her. He loved how she looked at him, her eyes so magnificent.

"Of course I am." She said and smiled back. His face was wonderful to look at. Just because she could she took his and hand and said, "Lead the way Draco."

He took a step into the Forbidden Forest, now fearless with Glory by his side. "We shouldn't go too far, but far enough...Snape wouldn't like me being seen with a Ravenclaw...but I'm afraid he's terribly wrong to think that way."

Feeling special Glory followed Draco. "I would follow you no matter how far you went." She smiled at how sweet he was. "Tonight shall be an adventure that I know I'll never forget." She gave him that devious smile and told herself not to get too caught up in this moment.

"This shall do just fine," he said and sat underneath a gigantic tree. "Now tell me something."

She sat down next to him, "Anything you want to know I'll tell you." She said honestly. "You can even own me." She laughed at herself. How whipped was she. Although just looking into Draco's eyes melted her very being

"Just tell me anything," he said and smiled, "You could read me a soup can and it'd be beautiful, just as long as it came from you..." he said and smiled.

"A soup can?" She smiled. "Well I can tell you that I stay here all the time well except for summer of course."

"And why's that," he said and looked at her wanting to know more.

"Oh my parents are muggle lovers I guess you could say. They didn't want me to come here even. They wanted me to live a normal muggle life...like they do." She noticed how she was going on. "Do you like your parents?" She was interested about his background.

"I like them enough," he said, "I guess you could say I do everything in search of their approval, but I've missed out on so much by doing so."

"Aww. I'm sorry." She said and kissed him lightly on the lips. Anything that she could do to make him feel better she would. She lived now for this beautiful being.

"You're too kind to me," he said. "I'm such a monster sometimes," he said wanting to have a better background for her.

"A cute cuddly monster." She said and laughed. "You're perfect the way you are. So don't change it." She looked him over in the moonlight and loved every inch of him. She laid back to see the moon through the trees. "Pretty sky."

"And a pretty girl to look at it," he said and followed suit. "I want to be the best I can for you."

Glory smiled at Draco. "You are the best." She pulled him close to her. "Do you really think I'm that good? Cause I think you're way too good for me." She hugged him trying to get her mind off of doing things she'd later regret.

"You're better than anything I could ever offer," he said and kissed her forehead.

"Nah..you could offer stuff that'd I couldn't even accept without feeling guilty." She loved the way he kissed her. "You've never noticed me before...but I've noticed you."

"You have now?" he said. "I guess I've filled my time with trivial things, Qudditch, and friends, I've never so much as said hello to a Ravenclaw before you."

She smiled. "What about the pure blood slytherin girls?" She laughed knowing all of them were kind of...well not to be mean, but ugly. She looked at him and kissed him so softly she hardly even felt it. She just kept thinking to herself please don't let this be a dream.

"Most of the Slytherin girls are so far inbread that they resemble a pig's bottom." he said. "Your beauty outways anyone else's."

"Aww." She said. "Very true, but I would've more described them as maybe, one of those naked mole rats." She chuckled. "I don't think I'm that cute, but you...you are...well sexy.."

"Really now," he said and laughed. "Sexy is one word I've never heard to describe myself...although I must admit it feels nice that you think that way."

"Well I do think you are quite the sexual object, but I can't think it too hard, or I might..." Glory drifted off. Maybe the talk of sex with Draco wasn't the best topic...or was it?

"Excite yourself a little too much," he said and smiled. "You know I'm rude, but not that rude...if you feel uncomfortable, we can always head back..."

"No!" Glory didn't want to head back ever. "I'm comfortable..I don't want to leave so soon. I'd only be going back to an empty dorm.."

"We'll stay then," he said and smiled. "You might very well be the end of all desire to sleep for me."

Glory laughed, "Who needs sleep anyway? I know I don't." She laid her head in his lap. "You give me enough energy to climb that tree." She said pointing at a huge oak. "But I'd rather be lazy and stay in your lap."

"Stay in my lap, eh?" he smiled at her darling face. "I could very well get used to this."

"Oh shush." Glory said. "If was going to do that then I'd just forget about all the rules, and go all the way." She firmly believed that if you were going to have any type of sex, just to do it all.

"Is that an offer," he said and smiled, "because I'd hate to have to turn you down."

"Would you like to be a father?" She asked. "Because if you'd like that job then yes it's an offer." Knowing there was no sure way of not getting pregnant was scary. There probably was one, but the older wizards and witches didn't want the younger generation to have too much fun. "Or if there's a sure fire way that I won't become a mother."

"You'd really be a magnificent mother, but we should "behave"." he said and grinned.

"Even if behaving isn't so fun." She shivered. "It's getting kind of cold."

He wrapped his arms around her and held tight, "Will this do for now," he said and looked at her with a worried expression.

"It'll be really good forever." She smiled. "I'd kiss you, but I can't reach you."

He leaned down past her hair that was now a windblown mess and kissed her on the forehead, then on the nose.

"You make me so happy." She stated and wrapped her arms around him. "I could just stay here forever." She secretly thought about him sweeping her away from her family and them being together all summer.

"We could build a house in the tree and everything, but my father would come looking for me," he said and frowned. "We'd be in hiding an awful lot."

She laughed, "Of course we'll go back to normal life for a while." Feeling safe and warm in his arms she wanted this to be the same forever. "We can meet here often though? Or in other secret places."

"Oh most definitly," he said thinking of how awful it would be if Crabb and Goyle wer eto walk in on them.

"Well no one will be back in the Ravenclaw girls dorm for at least another couple of hours." She smiled at the evil thoughts going through her head. "We could sneak in...or there's a lovely place I know in the castle. No one would bother us."

"I'm game for whatever," he said and smiled.

Noticing the creepy sounds she decided it best if they slipped into the castle. "Um let's get out of here and go to my favorite place.." She smiled, "An unused storage closet."

"Sounds delightful," he said and let her lead the way.

Glory pulled him through the trees being careful not to get lost. As they headed into the castle she went to the third floor and looked into the storage closet. "Just like I left it. Dusty and empty."

"Well it most certainly isn't empty anymore," he said and chuckled.

She looked at him. "No it's not. Now there are two teenagers with bad intentions in here." She laughed and sat down on an old chest sitting on the floor.

"I wonder why no one uses this anymore," he said wondering why he, himself had never found out about it before.

"It's been my well kept secret." She chuckled. "A professor once took me in here to "discuss" my assignments with me aka try to get in my pants."

"A professor," he said shocked, "tell me they were fired."

She smiled and paused. "Well no they weren't fired...because I never told." She thought about the day Moody brought her in here. "It was Moody.."

"Oh well it was the man who was thought to be moody then? Don't worry he got his," he said wanting everything to be alright for her.

"Yeah...he did." She laughed at it. "He got no further than trying to touch my shoulder when I stormed out telling him where he could shove it."

"Oh really now," he said realizing how lucky he was that she hadn't done the same to him.

"It was amusing...well to me at least." She leaned up against Draco and murmered something to the effect of all I need is you here with me now.

       "Don't worry," he said, "I'm here." He looked into her eyes, so innocently beautiful

"Thank you..." She said lovingly. He didn't know how much she needed him now and how good this was for her. "You're my hero, and my love."

"And you are all of my everything," he said and smiled, "Nothing could top tonight."

"Hmm not even the night we..." She trailed off laughing. "I think that could top tonight." Knowing that night may never come, Glory didn't care. As long as she had him now.

"Oh that will happen soon enough," he said and smiled. "But in a far better place than a storage closet, okay?"

"Of course." She said. "Soon enough? Someone has high hopes." She laughed and hoped it would be 'soon enough'.

"And someone wants somethings a little to badly to wait," he said and winked.

"Well maybe someone can just kiss someone else already." She winked back and laughed.

"Well if that's the way you play," he said and forced her close to him, "then you'll get what you want," he said kissing her as gently as he could.

"Good." She looked into his eyes. "You know I'm not breakable, though it is sweet you act like I am. QUite cute actually."
            "I don't want to take the risk of hurting you," he said and looked her in the eyes also

"Well I'm sure anything you do will be rough in the right way." Glory winked at him. "You couldn't hurt me, heck if my dad couldn't...." She trailed off... Why bring up your past? She cursed herself and looked away.

"You want me to kill him for you," he said and looked at her hoping she'd say what she really wanted.

"No...but I do want you." Glory was glad he didn't ask a lot of questions. "You are all I've ever wanted. And you just being here is enough for me to be happy forever."

"Just being here, eh?" he said and laughed. "I'm glad you're happy."

"Thanks, and my goal is to make YOU happy." Glory said. "So your wish is my command."

"My wish," he said suprized. "You are better than a wish."

She felt so wanted and special, something that she had rarely felt before. She smiled and clinged on to him. "And you are better than reality."

"Better than your fantasies too," he asked playfully and leaned his head up against hers.

"Well you are the object of most of them.." She laughed. "But in person, you are much better. And you kiss much better too."

"Glad to know my kisses are appreciated," he said and inevitably yawned.

"Tired?" Glory asked. "Um I can uh wait a sec." She brought her wand out and said a few words. A makeshift bed appeared and she smiled. "They won't miss us for one night."

"Oh I'm sure they won't," he said and smiled at how delightfully smart Glory really was.

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