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Ron was walking back to the dorms as he noticed violet hair. Now why does that look familiar he asked himself. "Dorrie." He said aloud, by accident, but before he could stop her name it was too late.

allaboutcone: "Yes," she said and turned around.  She saw the ginger hair she had fallen in love with.  "Now why would a Mister Ronald Weasly be saying my name on the path to Hogwarts?"

Ron blushed furiously. "Um, I saw your famous hair." He knew he sounded weird and cursed himself for it. "I mean your hair is just so pretty and I really just wanted to get to know you."

"My hair," she asked shocked, "My hair is as fake as ever, your hair, it's the most magnificent shade of ginger ever." she said and realized that she had just told a boy about what all she thought of his hair, something boys didn't take too much intrest in.

Ron blushed, "Thanks...I always thought having red hair wasn't cool." Smiling he now knew why he liked this girl...she was funny as ever.

"I couldn't pull off red hair," she said and blushed.  "It's a wonder how I can even manage violet.:

"Well it suits you very well." Ron smiled at her and looked her over a bit. "And that body suits you as well." He said quite unintentionally. He smacked his forehead and apologized directly after that.

She blushed and smiled, "If you say so."  She looked at him and remembered that he played quidditch.  "You are probably quite built yourself, with Quidditch and all...:

He smiled and blushed...he wished he could show her his body..only of course if she'd show him hers. Thinking this thought the blush spread from his cheeks to the rest of his face. "Um yeah...you could say that. But I really don't look at myself that much."

She laughed, "Let's hope not.  So tell me, is Hermione part of your fan club or is it just..."

"Hermione is a know it all." Ron laughed at calling her that knowing she'd beat him if she knew. "There's nothing between me and her...we're just friends." He said lightly. "I wonder why that's been such a popular question."

"You two spend a lot of time together, well fighting about nothing...like you're trying to cover something up," she said happy that he didn't make her finish her last sentence.

"We fight because we get on each others nerves." Ron laughed. "Me and Hermione...HAHAHAH. Yeah like that'd ever happen since I like..." He trailed off and notcied his mistake. Instantly blushing he tried to hide his face.

 "Oh you've had you're eye on someone," she said and felt a little bit sad.  It couldn't have been her, she'd only known him for two days.

"Yeah..I've definantly got my eye on her..." He said and smiled. "Actually I'm looking at her right now." He knew she probably had no interest in him, but hey he'd give it a shot anyway.

She looked at him in amazment, in shock.  "Ronald Weasly it has taken you seven years to even look at me, and two days for you to fall for me..."

He laughed and blushed. "It hasn't taken me seven years to look at you..." He drifted off. "I remember you from second year...although you're right it took me two days to really fall for you."

"I've always, well since platform nine and three quarters...I've had the very fine role of being your unnoficial fan...more than a fan really..."

He smiled..."I'm your fan...well more than you fan." He looked in her violet eyes wanting to kiss her so badly. His inner voice told him to wait, but he couldn't rip his eyes from hers. "Let's go to the dorms." He said, took her hand, and started to lead her to the dorms.

 "But everyone will see us," she said unsure of what his reaction would be.

 "You should care more about what you want, then what other people will see." He said softly. "You are 18 right? Isn't it time to do something you want to?"

"Actually 17, and you have no idea how badly I want this to happen...but your friends...your sister..."

"Not that.." He said and blushed. "I'm saving that for marrige." He looked in her eyes again. "So you don't want to make out..?"

"Oh geeze I wasn't talking about that!  But if you want to make out, can't we go...somewhere a little more private," she said hoping she didn't sound as nervous as she was.

"Then what were you talking about." Ron said a bit confused. "Private would be nice." He said looking around. "Where around here can you really find somewhere that's private?"

"Harry, he has an invisibility cloak, right," she said and smiled, "and I was just talking about being with you, not anything too personal, just people always get interested in these sort of things...."

"Yeah.." He said and blushed. "I'll get it and be back in a minute." He left and ran to his room. With Harry being gone he found the cloak and put it on. Ron ran back down the to her and hugged her. He knew she'd probably be startled, but if she was as bright as she let on she'd figure it out.

"Ron," she said and smiled.  "Now for a comfortable place to sit." she said and grinned.

 He laughed and threw the cloak over her too. "Yes let's get to that place...or maybe the ground would suit you better?"

"Ron," she said and rubbed his hair.  "There are some couches at the library...that'll do just fine."

He led her to the library smiling at the way she petted his hair. Ron leaned down and kissed Dorrie full on the lips. As his lips hit hers he felt a little jolt of electricity, but he continued anyway.
She smiled in her head as she kissed back excited about the way his lips felt against hers, better than expected.   "Or we could just do this here," she said and smiled.

"Oh!" He said and led her to the couches. "Is this better?" He pulled her in his lap and kissed her again. "I now have a new love for libraries."

"I never saw you all the times I was here before," she said and laughed.  "What have you been eating?  Your kisses have a certain taste...no it's more than that..." she said and gave up trying to explain herself.

"Um...I ate a chocolate frog.." He said trying to remember his days meals. "But of course I only ate the frog for the card.." He noticed how beautiful she was sitting there on his lap. "You are one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever stumbled upon."

"You're just saying that," she said and blushed, "because you want me."

"Well I don't deny wanting you." He said with a smile, "But I really do think you're stunning." And pulled her closer. "Why would I lie to someone so close to me?"

"Physically or Emotionally," she said and grinned, knowing that either awnser would be suffice.

"Um..." Ron said with a smile. "Is that a trick question?"

"No," she said and let it go.  "So what mayhem have you been causing lately?"

"Just the usual kind." He said, "Oh and this kind." He kissed her. He couldn't keep his lips off of her. What was wrong with him?

She kissed back and laughed.  "Is this going to be your new hobby?"

"Um...let's see." Ron said. "I think it shall be." He kissed her neck, "Or would you rather that be my new hobby?"

"Ron," she said, "as good as that felt, it better not happen again...that could lead to other things...and other things well, you know..." she said and looked at him seriously.

He sighed. "I'm not going to let Ron jr. get out." He laughed. As bad as it sounded it was true. He wouldn't want to be a father.

"Oh, it has a name now, does it," she said and laughed.  "But enough about that.  Would you mind telling me how it can take someone a full hour to drink a glass of coke?"

"I'm slow...or you have a really nice ass." He laughed. "I'm guessing your ass is nice, because I could've downed that coke in five minutes."

She coughed and laughed.  "So it was me..." she said and looked at how perfectly his face was shaped.

"Yeah...was it that obvious?" He said with a yawn...then getting an evil idea he said "Ok bedtime...who's coming with me?" Ron paused just long enough to get her worried and then said, "Just kidding..no pressure...unless you know.."

 "Ron unless you have a wedding ring and a preacher in your pocket, I can't say I'm game, though...you know..."

"Well let's see what's in my pocket." He waved his wand and pulled out a toy preacher and a plastic ring. "Hmm looks like I have just that. But wait, I can't marry you because you aren't 18...Oh well we'll have to wait till next year I guess."

"You are wrong there, 17's the legal age in the wizarding world..." she said and smiled.  She softly punched him on the shoulder to let him know she was joking.

"Well..." Ron said ran his hand through her hair. "I think kissing you will suffice for now." He kissed her deeply, with a wanting he didn't even know he had.

She kissed back until she couldn't breathe.  "I don't know, but it felt like it was almost worth it to never breathe again for that to last."

"Yeah I know what you mean." Ron said catching his breath. "Maybe I should use my nose." He laughed and kissed her on the cheek hoping she'd see that he respected her deeply.

"Oh that'd just take the fun out of all of this," she said and smiled.  "This is more fun than expected."

"Yeah, I thought I'd just sit in the commonroom and fight with...." He trailed off. "I mean I'd much rather be here with someone I enjoy the company of."

"So if it's not you and Hermione, is it Harry and Hermione?" she asked hoping that she wasn't stepping on any toes.

"Probably." He said and smiled. "I wonder what they'd look like..." He stopped himself and laughed. "Bad Ron...that wasn't a nice thought." He held her in his arms, happy to feel her warm body next to his..or more like sitting on his. But the details really didn't matter.

"I didn't know," she said and smiled, "Last I heard about someone liking Harry was when your sister liked him.  She's really great though."

"Yeah, Ginny does like him." He thought about it. "They probably wouldn't be bad together, but I'd have to kill Harry if he tried anything with her."

"Is Harry as sneeky as everyone says he is?" she said and laughed.  "I'd hurt him, too."

"He can be sneaky...I mean look he's got this cloak and all. He could try to do what we're doing now." Ron thought about the possibilities. "I'd kill him."

"Now promise me you won't kill him, I don't want you getting sent off to Azkaban!" she said and pretended to be angry.

"Oh love." He said pulling her close. "You know I wouldn't actually kill my best mate. I'd just knock him around a little."

"That is if you got to him before Fred, George, Bill, and Charlie," she said being careful no to mention Percy.

Ron laughed.."Yeah they'd hurt him...bad. Even worse than me. Ginny's gotta love having a bunch of older brothers." He thought of what it would be like for Ginny. Kinda rough to tell the truth. Oh well she should be used to it by now.

"I think that Bennie would really like you," she said fondly remembering her own family.

"Bennie?" Ron said feeling stupid. "Have you mentioned him before?"

"Oh no," she said and smiled,"He's my brother."

"Oh." Ron said smiling. "Is he older than you?"

"No," she said, "I'm older than him."

"Really?" Ron said interested. "How much older?" He craved her touch so pulled her as close as he could without squishing her and laid his head on her shoulder.

"Two minutes," she said and listened to his heart beat slow and steady.

Ron laughed. "Twins?" He said. "So why isn't he here at Hogwarts? Or if that's not my business, I understand."

"He's a Squib," she said, "and it is your buisness."

"Oh." Ron said. "Too bad he didn't come here. I mean good people are hard to come by these days.." He tried to sound smart and happy, but he just wasn't himself today.

"You sound completly drained," she said and looked up at him, "why?"

"I'm just tired...I need someone to sleep with I guess." He laughed and braced himself for a punch. He knew his lame jokes were only a way for him to deal with his sexual frustration, but he no longer cared.

"If you promised to be good," she said, "I'd lay with you in your bed, just as long as, well you wouldn't tell Harry, now would you?"

"Of course not." He said honestly. "Harry's just a silly kid. Why would I want to tell him about my beautiful girl?" He smiled. "I will always be good for you, love."

"You promise," she said and kissed him in a playful manner

"I solemly swear. You can stab me if I'm lying." He said and kissed her back.. "I'm the luckiest guy ever."

Don't you know it," she said and wrapped her arms around his neck

"So modest. That's one of the reasons you're so attractive to me." He yawned needing sleep. "Bedtime." He simply stated.

"Well then away we go," she said not letting go.  "You want this, you're gonna have to carry me." She smirked in amusement

"I was planning on it anyway." He said as he got up taking her with him. "Away we go indeed." He smiled and walked to his dorm. Dropping her on his bed he smiled. "No one is quite as beautiful as my love. So I win."

"Shh," she said realizing that she was still under the invisibility cloak, but he was not.  "Harry will think you're crazy."

"Screw Harry." He said quite loudly. "He's not really over there. That's just his stupid spell so he can go and hit on innocent girls." Ron smiled. He laid down on the bed cuddling with Dorrie. "You're the best, love."

"Well then aren't you glad you got to me first," she said and chuckled.

"Of course I am. And now the next guy that even looks at you in a bad way will have to get the crap beaten out of him." Ron smiled and yawned again.

"Well then come to bed," she said and smiled.  "You can fight em' off tomorrow."

He smiled and got close to her. Closing his eyes he let his hand rest on her stomach. He was slowly trying to work his way up, but gave up and fell asleep halfway there.

"Goodnight," she said to his now unconcious body.  She spent a few minutes playing with his warm hands until she herself fell asleep.

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