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Glory scanned the tables at the restaurnant to make sure no one was left unserved as she walked up to Dorrie. She wanted to make friends and have work be fun. "Hey!" Glory said in an excited tone. "How's it going?"
"Good," Dorrie said and smiled. "How are you? Do you like it here? I love it!" She knew she was talking wayyy too fast, but Dorrie never had friends and was egar to make new ones
Glory laughed at this girls excitement, "I'm very good. I love it here too." She leaned against the bar and smiled. "So my names Glory...What's yours?" The girl was pretty, she had violet hair that made Glory want to reach out and touch it. She supressed her urge and yawned. Maybe staying up until 2 in the morning wasn't a good idea after all.
"I'm Dorien, but everyone, well my family calls me Dorrie." She paused and examined the girl..."Blue hair, huh?" She looked down at the ground and pinched herself, she couldn't believe she said that
"Yeah." Glory said with a smile. "I wanted blue hair, because my parents didn't want me to have it. I guess I'm a regular rebel." She saw the girl come down on herself and felt bad. "Hey..what's wrong? There are no worries here." Glory scanned the tables once more appeasing her that no one was in need of anything.
"Well you see, that wasn't very kind of me to say something, seeing as I have violet hair myself," she smiled and laughed because Glory didn't care.
"I'm used to the odd hair colors." Glory smiled, "So what made you choose violet?" She found it refreshing to have someone so eager to talk to. Looking down at her own feet Glory saw the blue toenail polish starting to chip. Making a mental note to repaint them later she looked back up and smiled.
"Well I'm an metamorphmagus," she said and smiled. "Do you know what that is?"
"Yeah, learned it my first year here." She said warmly. "My first friend was one." The memory of her friend floated back up to the top of her mind. "She could change her appearance and stuff. It was cool. I just use magic to change my appearance...and I only do that for my hair." She looked into Dorrie's violet eyes. They were stunning. "I love your eyes..." She said in awe.
"Yet another advantage of the metamorphmagus powers," she said. "You knew another one? My mother is one, and that's the only other one I know..."
"Yeah, but Shella went away." Glory said with a tone of sadness, "I don't know what happened to day she was just...gone. But you must move on so I have." She sat down on a random chair and sighed. This job was awesome...she could just chill and no one had a problem with it.
"Yes, that's happened to my family quite a lot," she said and slapped herself on the forehead, she was sure that Glory didn't want to hear about that. Hoping she didn't notice, Dorrie sat down across from her and smiled.
"Aww. I'm so sorry to hear that." Glory said sympathetically. She gave Dorrie a warm smile and patted her arm. "I know how hard it was to loose a friend, but to lose family...that's rough.
"I think it was hardest on my brother, he's a must be hard having me leave for hogwarts every year and him staying home..." she said and forgot about her disliking of sharing her family history.
"Oh, that would be tough to see your sister go away and have to stay home." Glory said with a knowing smile. "So he never went to Hogwarts? That would be weird." Glory suddenly realized that this was too personal and that she should back off. "I'm don't have to answer's really rude of me."
"Oh it's fine, you might as well know," she said and smiled. "He's my twin...he's truely amazing even if he can't do a lick of magic."
Glory gave a small laugh, "Sometimes I wish I didn't do magic. I mean I get some spells confused and boom something explodes." She laughed at herself remembering all the times she had either blown something up or turned herself into something quite embarrassing
"It happens to the best of us," she said and smiled. "What about your family?"
Glory smiled and remembered her mum and dad. "It's just my mom, my dad, and me. We live in a quiet town, with quiet people. My dad works for some muggle company and my mum stays at home." Glory saddened. "They didn't want me to go to Hogwarts...They said I could survive in the muggle world better than the world of wizards." She had a bitter taste stuck in her mouth all the sudden.
"Families can be weird sometimes, I don't even talk to most of mine..."
"Yeah, my parents never send me owls...or anything. It's like I'm dead when I'm here." Glory felt a bit better having let this secret she'd kept to herself for so long. "When I'm home they make me act normal...well like a muggle."
"My family doesn't care, well I mean my imedate family, but everyone beyond that probably wishis I were dead." she looked down at the ground and wondered how people could be so mean
"Aw, I'm sorry." Glory said. "My parents probably wish I were too. They just keep it inside. That's why I did this to my hair. They didn't want me too." She smiled and looked into Dorrie's eyes. "You have to give the people that want you dead hell."
"I'm sure you wouldn't say that if you knew my family though," she said and frowned.
Glory looked at Dorrie...She asked herself how bad she really had it. "The only family I know is my parents. After me they didn't want any more children...because then the others might've turned out as bad as I did." Glory felt herself frown. "I wouldn't want any other children in that position anyway."
"Yeah, but still, you see..."she began to say the truth about her cousin, but stopped herself.
"Yes?" Glory was curious. "You know anything we say here...stays here right?" She wanted Dorrie to know this, because very rarely did Glory ever talk of her family.
"Well you see, I overheard something, and well that's why I probably shouldn't tell you, I mean you..."she trailed off
"I...? I won't get offended at anything you say." She smiled, " I very rarely care what others think, and mostly find it funny."
"Well then, if you think you can take this, Draco is my cousin," she said and waited for her to say something.
"Oh, that's cool. At least I think it's cool..." Glory trailed off, knowing that she had a crush on him. "So why don't you ever talk....or are you guys on bad terms?"
"He is proud that my brother and I are disowned..." she looked down at the ground trying to conseal her strong disliking for her cousin.
"Oh I'm so sorry." Glory said now seeing a different side of the infamous Draco. "Sometimes people can"
"I don't know, you know? He could just be doing this for the family's approval and all..."
She gained a little hope about Draco, "Yeah he might be. I mean you never know. I once tried living like a muggle to get my parents approval. It wasn't worth it though." Glory remembered how much it meant to her when she was 12 to have her parents approval. It meant the world to her. She was a suicidal maniac then...The pressure was just too much for her. "Those weren't the best days of my life."
"I know what you mean, after my first year of Hogwarts, I wasn't going to come back because of Bennie and everything..."
Glory smiled remembering her first year. "First year was cool though." She remembered not wanting to leave Hogwarts. "I didn't want to go home.."
"I didn't but I did, I wanted to see Bennie...I don't get to go home for holidays, it cost way too much to go back to the states that often."
"I don't go back during holidays. I have no wish to go back there and see people that don't like me." Glory vaguely remembered her extended family. "Every Christmas I get one owl...just one...and all I get is money. No note.." She was so happy now that she wasn't at home anymore.
"I don't get to go home but usually I have to go to my grandmother's, which isnt' fun."
Glory smiled. "Isn't grandma's house always fun?" remembering her own...what a funny old witch. She looked at the restaurant and noticed they had some work to do. "Um we've been neglecting our waitressing duties."
"Oh my, yes we have, shame on us," she said and laughed.
Glory went off to the first table and started taking their order. This job was bound to be interesting, and quite fun.
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